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 Daughters of Sin series

Two nobly born debutantes and their illegitimate half-sisters—an actress and a governess—unite to bring a dangerous (handsome!) traitor to justice.

"These books are the best-written timepieces I've ever read." ~ Goodreads.

  1. Her Gilded Prison
  2. Dangerous Gentlemen
  3. The Mysterious Governess
  4. Beyond Rubies
  5. Lady Unveiled: The Cuckold’s Conspiracy
  6. (Prequel) Scandal of the Season


Scandalous Miss Brightwells series

A series of delightful romantic comedies!

Two daring sisters cause scandal and mayhem as they storm London’s Regency ballrooms in search of husbands to please their mama.

Once successful, they are keen to put their husband-hunting skills to good use as they set about matchmaking—with hilarious results!

  1. Rake’s Honour
  2. Rogue’s Kiss
  3. The Wedding Wager
  4. The Accidental Elopement
  5. The Honourable Fortune Hunter
  6. The Courtship Caper
  7. The Wilful Widow
  8. The Gypsy and the Gentleman


Fair Cyprians of London series

Ruined vicar's daughters and kidnapped countesses are amongst the courtesans feted by the aristocrats who frequent Madame Chambon's Pleasure House.

But each woman has one desire in common: revenge...and their own "happy ever after".

  1. Saving Grace
  2. Forsaking Hope
  3. Keeping Faith
  4. Wedding Violet
  5. Christmas Charity
  6. Loving Lily
  7. Murder at Madame Chambon’s


Hearts in Hiding (Read in Kindle Unlimited)

Heroines who must hide their identity for the protection of their hearts - or their lives.


  1. The Duchess and the Highwayman
  2. The Bluestocking and the Rake
  3. Duchess of Seduction
  4. The Countess and the Cavalier

Scandalous: Three Daring Charades

  1. Lady Sarah’s Redemption
  2. Lady Olivia’s Butterfly
  3. A Little Deception


The Governess and Lowly Companion series

Three Regency-set Cinderella retellings

1. The Governess’s Secret Love

2. Hazard’s Mistress

3. A Scandalous Reunion


Dutiful Wives


1. The Reluctant Bride

2. An Unsuitable Alliance

3. Passion Fever: The Heiress, The Rake, and the Lion's Roar


Wings over Africa series (writing as B. G. Nettelton)

 (Prequel novella) Twilight over the Okavango (Not mandatory but available via my newsletter.)

1.    Shadows over the Delta

2.    Diamond Mountain



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