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  • Loving Lily ~ Book 6

    Kidnapped from an insane asylum, Lady Lily Bradden is forced to summon the spirit of a grieving nobleman's daughter. When her friend is murdered, Lily must convince the sceptical yet dashing editor of a moralising London magazine to assist her, fearing she may become the killer's next victim.

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  • Diamond Mountain

    Rescued from a plane crash by a dashing bush pilot, Philippa Tremain, the District Commissioner's Daughter, faces an impossible choice: Marriage with the wealthy Cape Town lawyer who offers her everything she's ever wanted...

    Or a life of passion and uncertainty with the man she loves.

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  • Hazard's Mistress

    Louisa Stapleton has endured nine years of drudgery as penance for a youthful indiscretion.

    Now her evil aunt is threatening to cast her out if she doesn't marry unctuous Mr. Rivers, who promises to redeem her 'stained’ character.

    A humorous Regency romance Cinderella retelling with a laugh-out-loud ending.

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