Beverley Oakley wearing an 1803 Regency era muslin gownI’m Beverley Oakley, crafting romantic escapes through exciting historical worlds.
My award-winning stories lead courageous ladies and defiant gentlemen on high-stakes adventures to find (or sometimes flout) love against the odds.

Whether transported to bygone aristocratic drawing rooms or secret chambers within London’s most notorious pleasure house, expect breathtaking emotion and vivid authenticity.

I blend playful teasing with provocative themes including redemption, and societal reform with those ever-popular tropes: friends-to-lovers and second-chance love.

So whether you swoon for lighter matchmaking romps brimming with sharp wit and the sparkling ton of the Georgian and Regency times like those in my Scandalous Miss Brightwells series, or crave darker, grittier redemption within forbidden romances laced with mystery and even murder like my Fair Cyprians of London brothel-set series, or my Daughters of Sin series – you can count on captivating stories that will enthrall history-loving romantics. My heroines aren’t waiting for fate; they seize it!

Writing Craft & Memoirs as Beverley Eikli

For more than a decade I helped my father edit his Memoirs chronicling his 1930-40s childhood adventures in the Botswanan bush and 1960s Colonial Service posting in Lesotho’s mountains.

Now an established memoir writing teacher, I offer guidance for aspiring personal chroniclers in my signature “How to Write & Publish” series published under my Beverley Eikli name. Drawing extensively from my father’s journey – including navigating editing pitfalls and self-revelation hazards – these handbooks act as comprehensive mentors for writers ready to document extraordinary ordinary lives without getting lost in the wilderness.

My Memoir Mastery workshops also condense practical publishing best practices for sharing your legacy powerfully.

A little about me

Born in Lesotho’s majestic mountains, my thirst for adventure was sparked decades later when I uncovered my grandfather’s 1916-1922 pictorial diary mapping Botswana’s tsetse fly belt.

Aged 27, the discovery of this long-buried family chronicle prompted me to leave my journalist job to manage a luxury safari lodge in Botswana’s stunning Okavango Delta. It was there that I met my Norwegian bush pilot soulmate in a magical whirlwind, marrying soon after.

After living in twelve different countries, working as a newspaper journalist, magazine editor, and airborne geophysical survey operator across the globe, I returned to Australia, and now live north of Melbourne, opposite a Gothic insane asylum with my amazing husband, two lovely daughters, and a delightful but not-so-bright Rhodesian Ridgeback.


Passionate about bringing literature to life, I offer interactive workshops including memoir, genre fiction, historical costuming, and self-publishing plus provide immersive talks at libraries on topics from the Regency era to aviation tales inspired by my African upbringing. Let's connect!