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 Dutiful Wives series (Audiobook 2)

As their marriage of convenience turns to love, it is threatened by revelations from Adelaide's sinful past.

Three years since Adelaide, Lady Leeson, entered into a marriage of duty, she finds herself deeply and irrevocably in love with the honourable and compassionate husband who rescued her during her darkest days.

But when Adelaide's former lover returns to England, now a notorious figure thanks to his scandalous poems, society becomes consumed with uncovering the identity of his muse.

As Adelaide's mother upholds the façade of her daughter's faultless past, Adelaide must reinforce these fabrications—at great personal cost.

For if Tristan were to discover the truth, could he possibly continue to love her?

This is a passionate and tender tale of a second chance at love, redemption, and the mending of past mistakes.


Here's what the readers say:

"My goodness, this was an intense and highly emotional book!" ~ Kindle Reader

"I think this was possibly the most gripping second chances story I have read this year!
What happens in Tristan and Addy's romance had me going through a whole range of emotions as I read deep into the night and again today until I finished." 
~ Kindle Reader

"An intriguing story … with lots of twists and turns and surprises.” 
~ Kindle Reader

"Wonderful characters and a really fabulous story which I just have to recommend!" 
~ Kindle Reader

"I just finished reading this novel (second in the series) and I’m sorry it’s finished!! Incredible story! Great characters! Lives interwoven, some a tangled mess! Love, lies, betrayal, even a murder! This story has it all!! And when it looks like all lives have been destroyed, you won’t believe the ending!" ~ Kindle reader

 Note: This book is digitally narrated with dual narrators. Listen to a sample here.

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