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Fair Cyprians of London Books 1-6 (EBOOK)

Fair Cyprians of London Books 1-6 (EBOOK)

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1878 ~ Consorts to nobles and princes, the girls at Madame Chambon's House of ill Repute have wit, beauty, and cunning - and the determination to find love on their terms.


'Pretty Woman' set in a Victorian House of Assignation.

Grace Fortune is one of Madame Chambon's most sought-after escorts.
But as Grace prepares for her next job as the special initiation 'gift' procured by a mother in fashionable Mayfair for her son's twenty-first birthday, she has planned a diversion of a different kind. One that will give her satisfaction for the wrongs that plunged her into this hated life.
However, when Grace crosses the threshold of the address where she once served in a very different capacity, nothing goes as expected.


Two years ago, Felix Lord Durham believed that Hope, the vicar's beautiful daughter, had chosen to live in Germany as a governess rather than accept the marriage proposal he'd hinted at.
Now the divine "Miss Hope" is in Felix's bed - a surprise gift from his friends designed to lift his spirits and sourced from London's most exclusive brothel, Madame Chambon's.
Despite feeling betrayed, Felix can't bear to lose her again, but Hope Merriweather is bound to her new life by a dark secret. Having sacrificed the man she loves once already, she must choose again: Honour or her heart's desire?


Revenge is sweet until it breaks your heart.
Four years ago, Faith's mysterious benefactress falsely accused her of stealing and deposited her in Madame Chambon's exclusive brothel.
There, Faith was to learn how to entrance London's noble gentlemen with her learning in philosophy, politics, and art. Her body was to be saved for the greatest enticement of all: revenge.

When Max, Lord Belvedere, is abandoned at the altar, he believes his dreams have come true!
All that's needed to secure his freedom is to reassure his ailing Aunt Euphemia that he is really is serious about finding a bride.
Wrapped up in the delightfully diverting arms of Violet Lilywhite while visiting London's most prestigious House of Assignation, Max hits upon the perfect plan. A pretend wedding to a 'penniless shop girl' should fulfill Aunt Euphemia's romantic dreams without losing him his newfound liberty.


Reluctant courtesan, Charity, has found true love with Hugo, her first and only client.
But when poet and artist, Hugo, is tricked into gambling away his impending inheritance, Charity finds herself at the mercy of Madame Chambon and her infamous house of ill-repute.
A sweet Romeo and Juliet romance featuring two young people determined to overcome those more powerful who would keep them apart.


Kidnapped from the lunatic asylum in Brussels where she was despatched by her husband two years earlier, Lily, Lady Bradden, has more at stake than just proving her sanity.
With no friends or support, her survival depends upon pleasing her abductor with her success at "communicating with the dead" at Mrs Moore's Wednesday seances.

If you love your historical romance with intrigue, sizzle, and surprise twists, you'll love this Fair Cyprians Box Set. Get your copy now!


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