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London, 1878

Welcome to Madame Chambon’s!

Within this lavish London townhouse, a host of beautiful, intelligent women cater to the desires of princes, potentates and noblemen.

These are the stories of the ruined vicar’s daughters, kidnapped baronesses, and enterprising lady’s maids who seek to turn the tables on those responsible for their fall from grace…


And to find a happy-ever-after on their terms.

Saving Grace

At seventeen, Grace thought she'd found love and a future with the sensitive son of the household in which she was employed.

But when David went to university, a terrible thing happened...

Three years later, as Grace prepares for her next job, she learns she is the special initiation 'gift' procured by a mother in fashionable Mayfair for her son's twenty-first birthday.

 A story of courage, revenge, and unexpected redemption.

Forsaking Hope

A marriage proposal. A disappearance. A shocking discovery

Fate has a twisted sense of humor when Felix, Lord Durham, awakens to find his long-lost love sharing his bed.

Hope Merriweather, who'd disappeared on the eve of his intended marriage proposal, is now one of Madame Chambon's Fair Cyprians, sourced by his friends to bring solace to Felix's troubled heart.

Can Felix survive the sting of her betrayal for a second chance at love? That's if she doesn't disappear once again.

Meanwhile, Hope is bound by the terrible secret that forced her to sacrifice the love she held so dear.

Can she summon the strength to break free from the chains of her past... if Felix will offer her a second chance?

Keeping Faith

 Revenge is sweet until it breaks your heart.

Falsely accused of stealing, Faith is given two choices: Fend for herself on the streets of London, or become indentured to Madame Chambon, the ruthless proprietor of London's most exclusive brothel.

In order to survive, Faith submits to the machinations of a mysterious benefactress and begins a new life under Madame Chambon’s roof. However, she does not live like the other girls.

Rather, she's taught the theory of how to entrance London’s noble gentlemen with her learning in philosophy, politics and art.

Her body is to be saved for the greatest enticement of all: revenge.

Faith doesn’t care what she has to do. She lives only to fulfil a bargain that will set her free.

But when Faith is recruited as the muse of a talented, sensitive painter whose victory in a prestigious art competition turns them both into celebrities overnight, she discovers the reasons behind her mission are very different from what she'd been led to believe.

Now she is complicit in something dark and dangerous while riches, adulation, and freedom are hers for the taking.

But what value are these if her heart has become a slave to the honorable man she is required to destroy?

Wedding Violet

When Max, Lord Belvedere, is abandoned at the altar, he believes his dreams have come true!

All that’s needed to secure his freedom is to reassure his ailing Aunt Euphemia that he is really is serious about finding a bride.

Wrapped up in the delightfully diverting arms of Violet Lilywhite while visiting London’s most prestigious House of Assignation, Max hits upon the perfect plan. A pretend wedding to a ‘penniless shop girl’ should fulfil Aunt Euphemia’s romantic dreams without losing him his newfound liberty.

Violet agrees to the deception without hesitation. Lord Belvedere is certainly the most charming and surprising of all her male consorts but she has no illusions about a shared future. She wants only to escape the clutches of infamous Madame Chambon.

The plan appears perfect until Max and Violet - against their will - find themselves falling in love.

Can Max give up his plans for freedom in an exciting new land? Or is freedom to be found in the arms of the woman he loves?

Christmas Charity

Reluctant courtesan, Charity, has found true love with Hugo, her first and only client.

But when poet and artist, Hugo, is tricked into gambling away his impending inheritance, then sent to India by his father as punishment, Charity finds herself at the mercy of Madame Chambon and her infamous house of ill-repute.

As Charity fends off the advances of Hugo’s slippery cousin, Cyril, she discovers how, and why, Hugo was cheated.

With support from unexpected, and unlikely quarters, Hugo’s return offers the chance for restitution.

Now Hugo must risk everything in one daring night to shine the spotlight on a true villain, and to win the approval of his family, if Charity is to become his Christmas Bride in the most unlikely match of the year.

A sweet Romeo and Juliet romance featuring two star-crossed lovers prepared to lose family and fortune in their quest to be together.

Loving Lily

A woman with the gift of illusion. A man with the duty of truth.

Can they strip away each other's deceptions in time to stop a murderer - or will dark secrets bury them first?

Escaping a shattering past, Lily reinvented herself with a charm no man could resist. But when enigmatic editor Hamish McTavish sees through her ruse, her carefully hidden heart begins to stir.

Hamish is driven by duty to his family and ambition for his career. The last thing he needs is scandal from the mysterious beauty whose secrets could destroy them both.

Yet as Lily uses her talents as a "medium" to solve a murder, not even Hamish's rigid principles can shield him from the growing passion between them.

When her investigation reawakens ghosts from Lily's past that endanger her fragile freedom, Hamish must decide how far his duty goes—and how much he's willing to risk for the woman who has come to mean everything.

With their goals in conflict and dark forces threatening to expose Lily's life of deception, can two scarred souls surrender to the love threatening to consume them? Or will past and present unite to destroy their chance at the future they both crave?

Murder at Madame Chambon

New release!

She's the secret daughter of London's most notorious pleasure-house keeper.

He's the stranger who was captivated by her beauty and heroism when together they rescued a child from a deadly train crash.

When Evelina Tarot arrives in London to find a husband in London's highest circles, matters take a dangerous turn when scandalous secrets tie her to the city's most infamous brothel—and make her a target.

 William, Lord Bellingham, is an ambitious politician, so when he learns of her secret past, he must suppress his feelings or risk destroying his future.

Until Evelina's life hangs in the balance and William realises no risk is too great to save her.

Unravel the mysteries and experience the romance of a bygone era.

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