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When spoiled heiress Lady Sarah Miles becomes the sole survivor of a shipwreck, she assumes the identity of her ill-fated travelling companion to avoid an arranged marriage.

Masquerading as governess to the daughter of dashing widower and MP Roland Hawthorne, Sarah finds herself falling for her enigmatic, secretive employer.

But her past returns to haunt her, revealing more than just her false identity.

Determined to redeem herself in Roland's eyes, Sarah unwittingly plays into the hands of an unexpected adversary.

Can Roland devise a cunning plan in time to protect Sarah's honour? Or will the woman he loves be lost to him forever?

Heat rating: Sweet

What readers are saying: "Dramatic, heartfelt and unusual!’ Eikli sweeps you away into a dangerous world where only the most daring player wins love." ~ Best-selling romance writer, Anna Campbell.

"Pleasurable regency that has a lot of actions with turns. Sweet and clean with no sex is just how I like them."
Amazon Reader

"The love story/ romance was clean and wholesome. The ending left you feeling warm and fuzzy."
Amazon Reader

"Full of action, scandal and...a tumultuous love story. If you like historical fiction with suggested romance, or sweet and HEA, this is the book for you."
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I enjoyed this twist on the old gothic novel standby plot of the governess in the mysterious household. This imaginative writer stands a lot of the expected clichés on their heads and treats the reader to something rather different and refreshing." 
~ Long and Short Reviews

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