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Rake's Honour - Scandalous Miss Brightwells #1 (AUDIOBOOK)

Rake's Honour - Scandalous Miss Brightwells #1 (AUDIOBOOK)

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A rebellious debutante who needs to make a good marriage – fast!

Her peagoose of a sister whose peccadilloes threaten the family name.

And a handsome, eligible viscount who needs to avert scandal if he’s to win his true love.


Get ready for a wild ride as Fanny and Antoinette Brightwell make rags-to-riches marriages in Book One of the Scandalous Miss Brightwells series!


When Fanny’s ambitious mother offers her beautiful, intelligent daughter’s hand in marriage to odious Lord Slyther, a desperate Fanny disguises herself and, during a secret visit to Vauxhall Gardens, meets the devilishly dashing – and responsive – Lord Fenton.

However, convincing the naughty nobleman that she would make the perfect wife requires a lot of cunning and a deft touch.

With a spurned suitor intent on revenge and a feckless sister more interested in fun and flirtation, Fanny must appear the demure debutante that Fenton – or, rather, his exacting mama - requires.

Will Fanny succeed or will Antoinette ruin both their reputations? Grab your smelling salts and find out!

A steamy, humorous matchmaking Regency Romance.


What the readers say:

★★★★★ "What a splendid book! I loved every moment of it… I was delighted by their torrid and passionate meetings. And the end... made me burst out laughing. It rocks!” BookedUp Reviews: 5 Stars

★★★★★ "Steamy and passionate... A good light-hearted read." ~ Amazon reader

★★★★★ "A fast-paced story, filled with humour, sexual attraction, love and desperation. The first in a series of novels set in a time when chastity and honour were everything." ~ Amazon reader.

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