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Rogue's Kiss - Scandalous Miss Brightwells #2 (EBOOK)

Rogue's Kiss - Scandalous Miss Brightwells #2 (EBOOK)

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A penniless companion and her crochety aunt

A handsome gentleman looking for a wealthy wife

And a bumbling matchmaker whose ‘helpful’ lie causes mayhem


Sweet, pretty Thea, has an unlikely champion in her well-meaning but ‘not-too-bright’ Cousin Bertram who has decided to play matchmaker.

If the lack of a dowry is the only impediment to handsome, interested Mr Grayling making Thea an offer of marriage, Bertram reasons the gentleman would play a riskier hand if he were told that the damsel he covets were destined for her deathbed within six months?

And that it would be a kindness to offer her a taste of life's pleasures before her premature demise.

Crotchety maiden aunts, love letters gone astray, and ‘old flames’ appearing from the woodwork lead to a most disconcerting outcome.

What the readers say:

"What could possibly go wrong? Well, nearly everything. This book has more twists and misunderstandings than a French farce." ~ Kindle Reader.

"I LOVED beautiful Thea's story and couldn't put it down losing hours of sleep!" ~ Kindle Reader

"The unexpected twist at the end made me smile and think...yes that's perfect." ~ Kindle Reader

"Nicely written and enjoyable Historical romance with a little steam." ~ Kindle Reader

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