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Scandalous Miss Brightwells Books 1-3 (EBOOK)

Scandalous Miss Brightwells Books 1-3 (EBOOK)

Two daring sisters cause scandal and mayhem as they storm London’s Regency ballrooms in search of husbands to please their mama.

But what about pleasing themselves?

Fanny is determined to find a man who will set her senses on fire and put a ring on her finger, thus saving her from the odious viscount her mother has lined up for her if she fails.

Antoinette, by contrast, is out for all the fun she can get!

It’s a dangerous combination.

However, when each sister finds her perfect match - having learned a lesson or two about dangerous and delicious gentlemen - they are keen put their husband-hunting skills to good use as they set about matchmaking for a range of waifs and strays who cross their orbit.

Prepare for unintended consequences!

Here are the books included in this Box Set:

Rake’s Honour ~ Book 1

The beautiful Brightwells—clever Fanny and her easily-led sister, Antoinette—battle scandal and spurned suitors to achieve gilded marriages against the odds. A love match in Fanny’s case and a very satisfactory compromise in Antoinette’s.

“Fanny and Fenton's story is full of drama, humor and sizzle.” ~ Amazon reader.

Rogue’s Kiss (Book 2)

How bold would a potential suitor be if he were told the lie that the young lady he desires has only six months to live?

“A great read - one which will leave you sighing for more.” ~ Cariad Books

The Wedding Wager (Book 3)

A rigged horse race - with a marriage and a lost child riding on the outcome.

If you like humorous, fast-paced romances with gorgeous men and witty women, you’ll love the Scandalous Miss Brightwells series.

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