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Scandalous Miss Brightwells Books 1-4 (EBOOK)

Scandalous Miss Brightwells Books 1-4 (EBOOK)

Wicked and lively Fanny and Antoinette Brightwell make spectacular marriages in Rake's Honour—despite scandals and the treachery of a disappointed suitor determined to derail their plans and besmirch their reputations.

So, who better to play matchmaker when a deserving candidate waltzes into their orbit in each subsequent book?

Each romance in this series of four novels has a completely different heat level, depending on the personality of the heroine and the situation in which she finds herself.

Rake’s Honour
Beautiful, impoverished Fanny Brightwell has a few scores to settle—and a heart to win—before she can secure the wealthy, aristocratic husband her ambitious mama demands. (Sizzling. Fanny is a wild child.)

Rogue’s Kiss
Would a potential suitor be bolder if he were told the young lady he desires had only six months to live?

Sweet, pretty Thea Brightwell's dull, quiet life with her crotchety aunt is about to be turned upside down by a visit to Bath and a chance encounter with handsome Mr Grayling. (Sensual - not sizzling at all. Sweet and innocent Thea follows the rules.)

The Wedding Wager (formerly titled Devil's Run)
A rigged horse race with a marriage offer riding on the outcome.
When Miss Eliza Montrose unexpectedly becomes legal owner of the horse tipped to win the East Anglia Cup, her future is finally in her hands—but at what cost? (A bit more sensual than 
Rogue’s Kiss but not sizzling like Rake’s Honour. Eliza has a ‘past’ and although she’s sworn off falling in love, she knows what love is when she stumbles upon it.)

The Accidental Elopement
When Katherine, an exuberant debutante, accidentally marries the wrong man, her true love Jack is about to board a ship bound for the West Indies. Will secrets and honour prevent these star-crossed lovers finding true love seven years later?



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