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The Courtship Caper - Scandalous Miss Brightwells #6 (EBOOK)

The Courtship Caper - Scandalous Miss Brightwells #6 (EBOOK)

Widowed Sebastian Wells has spent a year tirelessly searching for Venetia, the girl he was forced to give up when honor demanded he wed another.

When he discovers her working as a lowly companion to the exacting Dowager Duchess Lady Indigo at a Christmas house party, their secret rendezvous reignites the smoldering passion they once shared.

But fate has other plans for Sebastian. His hostesses, the scandalous Brightwell sisters, have paired him with a lively, golden-haired debutante they believe to be his perfect match.

This young lady is determined to make everyone believe the lie, threatening to tear Sebastian and Venetia apart once more.

Will Sebastian allow honor to dictate his actions, or will he follow the desires of his heart and fight for the love he never truly lost?

A tale of forbidden love, heart-wrenching sacrifice, and the unwavering determination of a man to reclaim his one true love.

What the readers say:

"A wonderfully crafted continuation to this brilliant series. The plot gets a bit spicy at times, but has a storyline that is full of misunderstandings and characters who are portrayed with great courage and determination to hold on to the moral high ground. A most captivating read." ~ Kindle reader.

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