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The Wilful Widow - Scandalous Miss Brightwells #7 (EBOOK)

The Wilful Widow - Scandalous Miss Brightwells #7 (EBOOK)

A heartwarming tale of love, laughter, and the innocence of youth!

Set amidst the grandeur of a country-house party near Bath in 1827, "The Wilful Widow" follows the antics of a shy seven-year-old girl whose inventive plan to derail her mother's fifth wedding leads to a whirlwind of mayhem and unexpected romance.

Fanny and Antoinette Brightwell, two wicked and lively sisters known for their spectacular marriages despite scandals and treachery, find themselves in the midst of another matchmaking scheme – this time, orchestrated by their own children.

When a deserving, much-married baroness waltzes into their orbit, the youngsters decide that the fifth golden ring slipped onto the pretty, widowed Baroness Highcliff's left hand should come from the man she should have married first.

As three determined children work creatively together to unite the baroness with her true love, readers will be swept away by the heartfelt emotions and delightful antics that unfold.

This sweet, tear-jerking second-chance romance is a poignant reminder that the wisdom and intuition of young hearts and minds often surpass our expectations.

"A delightful, sweet Regency novel. Sometimes finding love takes time and for a woman in Regency times, providing for your child takes precedence over marrying for love. Interesting plot and excellent characters." ~ Kindle reader

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