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The Reluctant Bride - Book 1 in the Dutiful Wives series (EBOOK)

The Reluctant Bride - Book 1 in the Dutiful Wives series (EBOOK)

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Forced into marriage to legitimise her dead fiance’s unborn child, Emily feels only resentment towards the noble soldier whose marriage proposal has saved her from destitution.

She regards Major Angus McCartney’s actions as opportunistic as she mourns her one true love, Jack.

But Jack led a secret, double life, as Angus well knows.

And Angus is not an opportunist. Too shy to declare himself, he has loved Emily from afar for five long years.

With the loss of Jack’s child cementing Emily’s anger towards Angus, the quiet soldier longs to win her with action and honour – rather than by revealing Jack’s secret.

However, it’s an explosive revelation from Emily’s past that threatens to destroy the burgeoning feeling between noble Angus and his reluctant bride.

A revelation that threatens their very lives.

An intrigue-filled romance with espionage and action for readers who love marriage of convenience stories, and second-chance love.


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